My life is full of joy, relationships and variety. God has taught me so much and I love to share it. I wish I could tell everyone the importance of joy and how it affects our brains, our relationships and our journeys.  It is my hope that in some small way I can offer help here for readers who want to grow and learn about joy, about God and about relating better.  Explore the site for a variety of categories that include comments, books, lessons, and articles. Articles include topics on parenting, Union with Christ, emotional healing and relationships.  And–everyone who knows me knows I love questions.

7 Responses to About

  1. Debbie says:

    So glad to see you doing this. I look forward to reading what you have to say.

  2. Joy Beaulieu says:

    Hey Barbara,
    Are you planning on writing a fourth Atron book? I loved the other three so much! I just finished the series and was wondering if you where going to write another one. My name is Joy and I am 12 years old.

    • Barbara Moon says:

      Hi, Joy, Right now I dont have plans for a fourth Atron book, but I am so glad you liked them. Where did you hear about them? Who did you like best? I would love your feedback. Thanks, Barbara

  3. Brad Gustin says:

    Hey Barbara. My name is Brad. I had been following your blog for a while after I began ordering Jim Wilder munchies and devouring his books. I too have much healing from Jesus from childhood trauma. Having grown up a Christian home I thought it would have gone better but I downloaded my mom’s anxious brain and I did really well early on as long as she was around to control everything. I developed a way of surviving that went dormant when I gave my heart to Jesus in college but began surfacing after I got married and had my first son. Years later my marriage fell apart even as we had been a part of church leadership for years. Fortunately as everything fell apart I had friends who were with me as I began applying valuing THRIVE more than image. Years later I am part of a young charismatic church and I get to see my kids on the weekend. I drive otr road in the Midwest as sort of a Saul Arabian desert experience.

    I would love to connect with you a little. I just ordered your parenting book which I imagine is a lot of Living for Men repackaged but that’s okay. I have two boys 5 and 8. It is awesome being a dad. If we could communicate a little and see where it goes that would be great.

    Brad Gustin
    Bethel, MO

    • Barbara Moon says:

      Checking again to see if you want to resume our communication. I sent an email last week to you, but I did not hear back. Let me know. Again I am sorry you did not get followed up with.

  4. jackie naimo says:

    I may be doing this wrong, but our group studying Hinds Feet Guidebook can’t get out of this maze we find ourselves in while studying. We need something…..any help to help us interpret the method used in the guide. Does the guide line up with ANY of the Hinds’ Feet books?. The sections and pages do not match the study guide (some are using e-books) I am trying to find some code or method to get us through this. Two of the ladies have only partial sight. Somebody HELP us, please!

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