Musings on the Son of God Movie

Maybe you don’t like movies, but seeing visuals about Biblical times stirs me. I like watching what it might have been like to see and touch Jesus, while at the same time remembering that what I have today is even better–He is always present and lives in me and I am never alone. Still it’s inspiring to get lost in a good film that depicts what that time might have looked like. This morning after seeing the movie last night, I wrote to Jesus in my journal:

Lord, I was moved to see how You acted like Yourself in all that agony. You turned to the Father and chose His will; You endured; (You told Mary not to fear.); You talked to the thief; You cared about John and Mary, and later you returned to joy with Peter. (You showed compassion to Judas.) I don’t want to take lightly the physical pain. I’m so grateful and I know You would have endured just for me. Words fail me. My sins and failures are forgiven and I humbly thank You.

Seeing the Pharisees and Caiaphas reminded me of how blessed we are to be free from the Law. Being under the Law blinds–one can only see the rules and know the fear of missing one of them. It’s so much better to be motivated by Your love and grace. That doesn’t excuse sin, but it surely does make it easier to come to You when we know how much You love us.

I didn’t cry until the end after “You” told the disciples to go and tell the world all that had happened, and then “You” disappeared. It was when “Peter” said, “Let’s go! We have a lot of work to do!” My heart was so touched that they did just that–that got up and went out to spread the word about all they had seen and heard and knew. What if they had just sat around talking about how cool all the miracles were and how You came back to life? I wouldn’t know You. In that moment I was so grateful that they went out to change the world because 2000 years later I can know You.

The movie shows well how You are who You say You are. My prayer is that people seeing it will realize the depths of Your love, the breadth of Your caring, the height of what it means to walk moment by moment with You in Your grace, and how impossible it is to be quiet about You and all You have done for us.


About Barbara Moon

I am an ordinary person who walks with an extraordinary God. I love to share what He has done in my life. I love to help parents with their kid questions. I love to teach little ones to swim. I love to study and learn new things and for the last ten years I have been focusing on how the brain works in connection with joyful relationships, how that affects development, maturity and trauma recovery. When not writing, my days are full of family, (especially grandchildren), mentoring, counseling, sewing, and reading.
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